Friday, November 26, 2010

2016 New Year New Thoughts (and some old ones too)

January of 2016 and I am ready to revive my blog. This was started as a blog for the editor of the Edgemont Herald Tribune, which was me--until I sold the paper in 2014. So now I am going to share the joys of Grandkids, College in my 50's, and Dividing my time between Edgemont, South Dakota and Midway City, Utah!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Greetings from Nevada

here's a sneak preview at this week's Annee's Analysis:

Greetings from Elko, Nevada! The High Desert combined with the Swiss Alps-looking Ruby Mountains.

My daughter and son-in-law Sheena and Wayne have just bought their first home here after apartment living for seven years so it is very exciting. Actually we are in Spring Creek, a sprawling suburb of Elko, located halfway between Elko and the Rubies, as they call them here. Most houses in Spring Creek are really what I would call acreages so it isn’t like living in town, though neighbors are nearby.

Perhaps one of my ancestors was a mermaid—I love water. I cannot cross a river without wanting to go wading at least. Traveling this time on a relaxed schedule I frequently gave into the urge to get my feet wet... the Tongue, Snake, Gallatin, Salmon, Lamoille, and Thomas Canyon waters all called me. A few more details on that next week! I also especially enjoyed visiting the Little Big Horn Monument where Custer met his final defeat.

Sheena and I are off this Morning on more fun adventures: one more trail to hike then into Elko for museum, antique shopping and a Basque Restaurant for supper when Wayne gets off work.

There are many beautiful places in my America—God’s creation makes me feel small but happy!

But back to the beginning of my trip: let me update you on the Bridge Project. Several members of the Committee went to Ashland, MT, to “help” at the Amish Community, building rafters (they are done now), preparing the metal plates, laying out the floor braces. I was happy to get in on one day of this when the long-anticipated Douglas fir arrived from Oregon and we all wanted to jump for joy. It took an hour and a half to unload with a big—but not big enough Bobcat. Now the long process of getting bolts ready begins: many of the bolt stock have to be cut and re-threaded and some of the tie plate holes have to be enlarged. All this is being done now by our Amish contractor with only gas motors (no electricity there remember, but do they ever know how to use that old-style equipment). We are optimistic that the bridge assembly in Montana will be done by mid-fall and ready for transport to Edgemont for re-assembly. That transport will be another big step, anybody know any truckers that might help us?

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